David Attwood


Museé du Strip
All photos except last: Christo Crocker

A Human Shit lies lifeless on the floor of a plastic tomb.
The Shit’s skeleton is visible through a cavity in the abdomen.
The album ‘Human’ (1991) by Death plays in the background.

“Guilt concerning sex, embarrassment over nudity, shame about aging, fear of disease, shit and death. Because none of these things can be avoided, they remind us of the vast aspects of our most intimate lives and by extension the world at large over which we have no control whatsoever.”
Dan Cameron, ‘The Thick of It’ in Wim Delvoye: New & Improved, Rectapublishers: New York, 2001, p.27.

Mascot costume, artificial skeleton, audio component.
225 x 58 x 85 cm