Oak Tress
M16 Artspace
Photo: David Paterson

For the exhibition Oak Trees at community arts organisation M16 Artspace, a local glassblower is commiissioned to produce a drinking glass. The glass is a hand-blown replica of the drinking glass in Michael Craig-Martin’s artwork An Oak Tree, purchased in 1978 by the National Gallery of Australia. Considered a seminal work of Conceptual Art, Craig-Martin’s An Oak Tree is simply a glass of water and a short printed text, wherein the artist proclaims to have transformed the glass of water in to an oak tree. Presented alongside the hand-blown replica of An Oak Tree, is a series of still-life drawings of the artwork made by members of the Artists Society of Canberra. The drawings are displayed one at a time over the duration of the exhibition period.

An Oak Tree
Hand blown drinking glass, water, shelf.
Glass blown by Rob Schwartz.
20 x 62 x 12 cm

Still-life drawings made by members of the Artists Society of Canberra.
42 x 29 each.